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20 Questions with Drew Adams

December 23, 2016
Drew Adams. The big name in the net behind countless Lizards wins over the past several seasons. New York’s goalie held the title of 2015 Goalie of the Year after leading the team to their 2015 MLL Championship. The 2016 season was just as great for Drew with 205 saves in the cage.

This week we put Drew in the net for our “20 Questions with the New York Lizards.” Read ahead for the fan questions we selected and his answers:

1. What obstacles do you run into when conducting your defense in high stress games and situations? – Submitted by Riley T.
DA: Making sure everyone focuses on their individual responsibilities for the greater good of the team. The "do your job" mentality is especially important in big games. 

2. What's your worst fear when playing goalie? – Submitted by Sam S.  
DA: My worst fear is feeling unprepared for a game. 

3.   In your opinion, what is the best save you have ever made? – Submitted by Endless Strings
DA: During the playoffs in 2015 I was able to make a couple of saves that put us in a position to win our semifinal game against Boston. I think they were the most important ones I've ever made. 

4.  Are two pointers the most difficult shot to mentally take? – Submitted by JoJo WarDrummer
DA: No I love them. 

5.  Do you have any pre game or game day superstitions? – Submitted by Austin L.
DA: I like to drink an iced coffee a couple of hours before the game. 

6.  One of my biggest fears as a goalie is taking a shot in the knee or shin. How to you get over this fear? – Submitted by Torstein D.
DA: That's definitely a tough part of our position. I've struggled with getting over that throughout my career. I do think that if you are engaged in the practice and game and playing without a fear of getting hit, it will happen and hurt less. 

7.  #1 Reason you went to PSU? – Submitted by Sal T.
DA: I've had a lot of family that went there. When it came time to make a college decision, I compared the other schools I visited to Penn State and realized that is where I wanted to go as well. 

8. What drills does he do to improve hand eye coordination?  - Submitted by Tribal West Lacrosse
DA: A lot of things I do to improve there is without a stick. I especially like to play tennis in the offseason, and do work with racquetballs since they have a quick bounce. 

9. Would you rather never save a shot again or save every single shot you ever face with your shins (no shin pads allowed)? – Submitted by Spain Lacrosse
DA: Well I think I'll take the saves with the shin but I had to think about this one for awhile. 

10. Do you want exciting, risk taking defenseman or solid position defenders in front of you? – Submitted by Ric B.
DA: I like a team full of solid defenseman with one running around making plays!!! 

11. What do you want for Christmas?  - Submitted by Josh M.
DA: A signed Kyle Sweeney Jersey. 

12.  Do you love me?  - Submitted by Brian Spallina
DA: 99% of the time, Brian. 

13. Worst injury from lacrosse? – Submitted by Lacrosse Embassy
DA: Concussion 

14. Who is the best midfield you have ever played against? – Submitted by Maine Lane Lax
DA: Wow there are a lot of guys who I've enjoyed playing against. I get to play with PR now, which is great. Tom Schrieber, Drew Snider, Max Siebald are a couple guys who are always playing great. 

15. Any things you do before a game to get ready? – Submitted by Sean T.
DA: Large Iced Coffee!

16. What mesh do you prefer? – Submitted by Richard G.
DA: Throne

17. Are you retiring? – Submitted by Michaela C.
DA: Nope!

18. When will your camps be next summer? – Submitted by Jacob C.
DA: July! Hope to see you there!

19. What got you to play lacrosse? – Submitted by Grant H.
DA: My older brothers both played and then most of my close friends all started around the same time. I started off as a middle and took faceoffs. Greg is lucky I decided to switch positions. 

20. Most intimidating opponent (player) to makes saves on? – Submitted by Shannon T.
DA: I always feel like I'm going to make saves on Rob Pannell, but he scores every time. He knows something I don't and it's frustrating. 

We appreciate the great questions from our fans as well as Drew Adams for his answers! To send in your questions for players in weeks ahead, give a follow to the New York Lizards on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (@nylizards). Use our hashtag, #20QTuesday, to stay connected and to join in the fun!

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