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20 Questions with Matt Gibson

December 29, 2016
We’re closing out 2016 with 20 Questions from Matt “Gibby” Gibson. This guy is known for his crease dives, behind the back shots and most impressively, his stick trick skills.

You also know him from that oh-so-awesome 2015 Sem-Final Game against the Boston Cannons. Gibby took the feed from Paul Rabil and made the game-winning shot in overtime that brought the Lizards to the Championship game. In 2016, Gibby played in 13 games with 26 goals and 3 assists. And to close it out, he’s answered the below fan questions:

1. What made you want to go pro in lacrosse? – Submitted by Alex I.

MG: Lacrosse has always the most fun part of my day. So when the opportunity to play professionally presented itself, it only made sense.

2. Hardest goalie to score on? - Submitted by Declan C.

MG: In general, Drew Adams. In tight, Matt Poillon. I don’t know what it is, but he has my number in close.

3. What's your dream sponsorship? - Submitted by Conor S.

MG: There are no sponsorships in my dreams.

4. What are some drills you do that create more speed and explosiveness? - Submitted by Ezra C.

MG: I’ve been playing basketball a decent amount recently. The lateral movements translate well into the game of lacrosse.

5. How often do you wall ball? - Submitted by Chris A.

MG: Daily, usually. I like to take a week or two off from it every now and again though. Hit the reset button. I do this with almost everything.

6. Are you left handed or right handed? - Submitted by Rebecca U.

MG: Lefty.

7. Can you play a full game ONLY right handed? - Submitted by Ryan W.

MG: Hypothetically, yes. I wouldn’t be very good though.

8. Did you ever play any instruments? What instruments did you play? - Submitted by Roxana L.

MG: I played trumpet in third grade. I sucked. I love music, so my lack of talent in the field devastates me. I could probably write a good song, but I’d butcher any type of performance of it.

9. How long did it take to grow ur hair out? - Submitted by Dale A.

MG: Not sure. It’s been long since I was about 17. I cut it myself every couple of months. Or my mom or one of my brothers lends a helping hand.

10. Is there any other positions on the lacrosse field that would fit you other than attack? - Submitted by Keaton F.
MG: I gave this question a lot of thought, and, honestly, I don’t think I could cut it at any other position. At this point, my skills are highly specialized for my role. I would get torched at any other position. I could be a trainer, but not a good one. I’d thrive as like the fourth trainer who had little to no responsibilities and just doled out water bottles and hid in the shadows.

11. Lacrosse pet peeves? - Submitted by Tate C.

MG: The obsession with gear.

12. Who has the best hair on the Lizards? - Submitted by Brian Spallina

MG: Steve Holmes and Jerry Ragonese are two names that come to mind.

13. What are your favorite songs to listen to during a wall ball session? - Submitted by Evan W.

MG: I’ve been listening to a rapper named Russ recently. I also like classical music. In any creative endeavor, I put songs on repeat - the same song for hours at a time. You don’t want any kind of novelty. It’ll make you think. You want it to become background music, something to get lost in.

14. Fact or Fiction, if you took sole possession of Kevin Unterstein’s dog for a week, it would then love you more than him. - Submitted by JP B.

MG: This is fiction. It would take a mere 48 hours.

15. What is your favorite stick trick (other than the classic sidewall stall)? - Submitted by Nina J.

MG: I like challenging catches - behind the back catches, catching a weird bouncer, one-handed snags. Everything else is fun, but these translate best onto the field.

16. How fast is your shot? - Submitted by Nate H.

MG: 90, maybe. I usually shoot from close range, so power isn’t that important.

17.     If you were not playing lacrosse professionally what sport do you think you may be playing today? - Submitted by Dave F.

MG: Hockey. The stick handling is so similar. Plus, my dad is a Canadian hockey player, so I’ve got it in my blood. We used to sneak into the hockey rink in college sometimes and play pick-up.

18.    What age did you start lacrosse and why? - Submitted by Billy W.

MG: First grade. My older brothers led the way. I think they got into it when my mom saw an ad in the local paper for the Long Beach Rec League.

19. What is your favorite dodge? - Submitted by Mason P.

MG: Split dodge.

20. What is your favorite shaft for durability and speed? - Submitted by Chance H.

MG: I use Stringking’s Metal 2 at the 135 gram weight.

We appreciate the great questions from our fans as well as Gibby for his answers! To send in your questions for players in weeks ahead, give a follow to the New York Lizards on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (@nylizards). Use our hashtag, #20QTuesday, to stay connected and to join in the fun!

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