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20 Questions with Tommy Palasek

December 1, 2016
After a relaxing and fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend, we sat down with Tommy Palasek to give him a shot at Twenty Question Tuesday. In 2015, he really made a name for himself in New York on the 2015 Championship Team, recording a career high of 31 goals with four assists. This past season, Tommy was amongst team leaders in points, tallying up 18 goals and nine assists.

1. What made you get into lacrosse? – Submitted by Ian H.
TP: My big family. I am one of 4 boys who didn't have smart phones to keep us occupied! So we chose to play ball. Basketball, football, hockey, you name it. We also had plenty of kids in the neighborhood so it was always easy to find a game. My dad had given us sticks from a young age and a net to go wild on in our backyard. 

2. How do you feel about the Jojo Marasco trade? – Submitted by Riley M.  
TP: It’s tough to see him go! JoJo and I have been friends and teammates since college. He brought a lot to the table and there is nothing like playing sports with guys you know and trust on and off the field. 

3. What was the college recruiting process like for you and when did you start getting offers? – Submitted by Kurt E.
TP: Hectic, but a lot of fun. Coaches could not make contact until summer of our junior year at the time, but once they could I was fortunate enough to have all the opportunity I could ask for. I had the chance to visit places like UVA, Hopkins, UNC, and even get to watch football games at big time powerhouses like Notre Dame and Ohio State. 

 4. Do you think you’re funnier than Matt Gibson? – Submitted by Spain Lacrosse
TP: Not by a long shot! I’ll get a few laughs here and there but he is the Prophet. FTP.  

5. About how many total hours per season are dedicated to game day naps? -– Submitted by Matt Gibson
TP: The amount is incredible, some would say highest in the league. It’s an age-old tradition that shall not be ignored.  

6. Out of the top four college football teams, who do you think is the best? – Submitted by Jackson A.
TP: Roll tide!

7. Favorite moment on the Lizards? – Submitted by Hank B.
TP: The 2015 MLL Championship! 

8. What does it take to make it to the NCAA even if I go to a small high school? – Submitted by Andrew P.
TP: This may sound cliché, but I think your first focus should be on being the best teammate you can be. How do you do that? Simple; personal accountability. Make sure you are always working your game to have all the intangibles. Speed, strength, stick skills, game awareness and a lacrosse IQ.  Along with that, coaches want to recruit good people and even better students! Do your best to narrow down the type of school you see yourself at then go to the coaches and see what you need to do to get there.

 9. What is your favorite country to visit? – Submitted by Cam E.
TP: I have only been to Canada and the United States. U.S.A! 

10. If you could add or get rid of any rule in lacrosse, what would it be? – Submitted by Colby M.
TP: I would have to say adding a shot clock and two-point arc to the college game would be best. I think it speeds up the game and forces teams to play the sport the way it’s supposed to be played. When you don't have time to think or always look over to coach during a game it adds creativity and a sense of urgency to the game as a whole. Let the players play! 

 11. What set you apart during college recruitment? – Submitted by Connor D.
TP: Tough question because recruiting was different when I came up. However, I would have to say that Jake Reeds top 100 camp put me on the map. On our first day of camp, every D1 coached lined the field to come out and watch and I showed up to play. 

12. What is your favorite drill or exercise and why? – Submitted by Nick H.
TP: Running hills, they are not always the most fun drill out there but it provides a base for strong balance and overall speed. 

13. What is your favorite sport to play besides lacrosse? –Submitted by Tommy F. 
TP: Football. There is no feeling like scoring a touchdown. The sport has taught me everything I know about achieving a goal as a team and being a great teammate.  

14. Who is your biggest fan? – Submitted by Evan K.
TP: My mom! She has done it all. I would not be where I am today without her. Lucky for me I play pro in the same place I grew up so I have always had plenty of friends and family that come out to the games. Seven kids, aunts, uncles, and grandparents have traveled around the country to be by my side for as long as I can remember.  

15. What is your favorite pregame song? – Submitted by Aiden K.
TP: Rage against the machine - Killing in the name

16. Do you play videos games? If so, which? – Submitted by Chris J.
TP: NHL and FIFA whenever I get the chance. 

17. If you were to get a dog tomorrow, what would you name him? – Submitted by Zach B.
TP: I just got a dog 4 weeks ago! He is a Shar pei and his name his Charles. Or Charlie, Chuck, Chazz, and sometime he answers to Cookie, Cheese and Carrot. 

Tommy Palasek Puppy
  18. What is the best thing about playing for the Lizards? – Submitted by Ryan B.
TP: Generally speaking I love the opportunity to showcase my ability and play at the highest level. As a pro you get the opportunity to play with so many great players. My favorite part about playing for the Lizards is that I get to play with guys that I have been playing with for a long time. 

19. What made you decide to go pro rather than pursuing another career? – Submitted by Alex S.
TP: Opportunity, I had a chance to do what I always wanted to do. Work on my game at the highest level. 

20. How does your game differ when playing middie versus playing attack? – Submitted by Colon N. 
TP: Offense is offense! I pride myself as a pro to be versatile and make sure my teammates can rely on me in whatever way possible. 

We appreciate the great questions from our fans- and loyal participant Matt Gibson- as well as Tommy for his answers! To send in your questions for players in weeks ahead, give a follow to the New York Lizards on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (@nylizards). Use our hashtag, #20QTuesday, to stay connected and to join in the fun!

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